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Social and Training


Our social and training programs encourage direct community interaction with a focus on education, health, food security, housing, energy as well as empowerment and recreational activities.


We provide holistic training – that includes formal courses, learnerships and practical programs in Finance, HR Management, Safety, Conflict Management and Discipline – to all employees to increase their skill levels. Employees’ progress is continuously assessed by the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform, Bono and external training service providers.


Workers are taught how to plan and manage their finances so that they are able to make sound financial decisions in their personal capacity and in the workplace.

HR Management

This course forms part of management training and equips the managers with an understanding of Human Resources so that they are able to responsibly perform their duties.


A safe working environment is essential, and this training provides managers and workers with skills that could improve awareness, save lives and increase the level of trust between management and employees.

Conflict Management

Managing emotions and encouraging the discussion of issues in a mature manner are critical to resolving problems in the workplace and enhancing a culture of trust between employees and management.


Managers are trained in the legislation and application of discipline which provides a framework for management and workers to abide by and prevent conflict.