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Corporate Profile

BONO holdings is a dynamic company that is poised to capture substantial market share in one of the fastest growing service industries in the world, Agriculture. The company was formed in 2007, and has already established its base of operations in the Western and Eastern Cape and Limpopo Provinces in South Africa.

In November 2015 Bono was welcomed as a member of the prestigious Fresh Produce Exporters Forum (FPEF). FPEF members account for approximately 90% of South Africa’s fruit exports. The FPEF is also a member of Fruit South Africa (FSA), together with the country’s four growers’ associations.

Our Vision

BONO holdings vision is to become the leading facilitator of agricultural empowerment in South Africa.


BONO Holdings is a dynamic business venture which endeavours to be market responsive, and geared for capital accumulation so that equity shares can advance both the organisation and its members. The company business principle is to solicit business expertise, strict financial management and more business opportunities in the market place, so that our market share keeps the company floating. The relevance of the company will be informed by market demands and business response. Our ability as a company would be sustained and maintained by our share in the market. We intend at all times to maintain a strategic position in the business sector.

Bono incorporates Fairtrade’s mission by promoting fairer trading conditions and empower producers to combat poverty, strengthen their position and take more control over their lives.

Value Chain

Core Values

BONO holdings is committed, in line with the Mission and Strategic Plan of both the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform; and that of the Department of Agriculture to facilitate, promote and help coordinate optimal agricultural production and sustainable development, through equitable access to resources and meaningful participation by all stakeholders, thus contributing to better life for all in the province and nationally.


BONO holdings is committed to enhancing the agricultural development and in particular infrastructural development to ensure medium to long-term growth of agricultural enterprise for the benefit of the local community/beneficiaries and for the development of farming expertise in previously disadvantaged persons. BONO holdings intention is to sustain the following objectives flowing from the Vision, Mission and Key Concepts.

  • Basic health benefits will be provided to all employees whether seasonal or permanent. Health care benefits for seasonal workers will be annual even though effective employment is only a percentage of the year.
  • Education objectives will start with basic literacy education for all introduced over a phased period and opportunities for nationally accredited training for the many undeveloped gifted individuals.
  • Skills transfers will form part of the standard work training and focuses on employment equity within BONO.

Management Team

BONO holdings is composed of a team of farming strategic level experts with extensive experience in Black Economic Empowerment, citrus and deciduous farming, packing and export, whose main aim and objective is to promote the growth and development of the marginalised people. The company structure is set up to simplify operational decisions and promote the coordination of activities between the farmers. The management team bring substantial skills, expertise and work experience. They all have proven track records and the ability to execute BONO holdings vision and mission.

Shareholding Structure

BONO holdings is a privately held company with limited liability. Shareholding is divided between South African Fruit Exporters – SAFE [50%] and Fresh Solution Trust [50%].


BONO is a registered Exporter and Importer, primarily export Citrus, Grapes, and Lemons to EU, Middle East, Far East and Russia. BONO export (without middle men) direct to the supermarket/wholesaler.

Products that BONO currently produces are Citrus (easy peelers, lemons, oranges) and Table Grapes.

BONO is also FAIRTRADE Accredited. As a company, BONO is aware that value chain and success in this context has an important multiplier effect on the wider community in which the partners operate.